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Some times ago (in the 2009) we have created The Student's’ Financial (investors) Club at our university.

The main goals of the Financial club activities:

  • to help students and other private and institutional investors to evaluate and compare the state of a stock market and the situation on it in different countries;
  • to analyze and compare the possibilities of private and institutional investors in stock markets of different countries;
  • practical measures and scientific research with the participation of academic staff and practitioners on the stock capital market.
  • Cross-country comparative analyses

There are many same clubs in different countries, usually at universities as unities of the students who are interested in finance and stock markets. Accidentally or not , but if you trust the Internet , the greatest number of such clubs exist in USA universities.
First time, I personally saw a table saying "Student Finance Club" on the glass door at Institute of Management at the University of Savoy. Unfortunately to communicate with colleagues failed. This door was closed , but you could see a large monitor stands with analysis graphs indices CAC, FTSE, DAX and other working materials.

So I decided to design the club in Dnepropetrovsk.

"Student Financial Club " NMetAU

We are ready to study and to develope Ukrainian Stock Market.

The Ukrainian Stock Exchange Competition for students - 2012:

The ABC of the Stock Market and on-line trading




Please send us an email for more information

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