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The ABC of the Stock Market and on-line trading
(for beginners)

That educational course “The ABC of Stock market and on line trading” was created by me with support by the "Ukrainian Stock Exchange” and during enough long time I teach this course in our Academy in form of “additional education” in the center of postdiploma education, retraining and promotion of staff qualification.
The course is designed for 24 academic hours and it based on theory studying and practical using.
The integrated structure of the course and some information about this course is given in our site(see below) and NMETAU site.

Studying is held in the special equipped classroom in conventional for students time.

On my mind one of the main features of this course is the nessesary understanding of the multi complex of knowledges from various areas of economics, mathematics, programming, algorithmization, psychology and others.

The course aims to provide the students with the basic knowledge of the stock markets and trading as the core activity in the global financial and stock markets.

The additional information about the course

Entry requirements
There are no special academic or professional requirements.

Certificate of Attendance/Completion/Achievement (no assessment element)

Course level
Beginner and Intermediate

Attendance days
6 days (evening)

Class Size
Maximum: 12

Course type
Taught (lectures and seminars)


The integrated structure of the course is given below.

Module 1. INTRODUCTION TO THE COURSE (Stock market as part of the Global Financial markets)

Global Financial markets.What is it the Stock Market? How the Stock Market works?
The history, main actors and the structure of the Stock Market. The role of the Stock market in the economics.
The different types of assets in Stock market. Joint stock companies. Shares and shareholders.
Investing. The main features of the investing in the stock markets. Private investors and institutional investors.
World Stock exchanges. Indexes.
“Spot” market and derivatives market. The trading and traders in the stock market.



Module 2. Ukrainian Stock market and Ukrainian Stock Exchange

Ukrainian Stock market. The history and state of the art.The structure and main actors.
Laws and regulation rules.
The Ukrainian stock Exchange(UE).
The Ukrainian shares (equity) market.
The market of derivatives(futures and options) on the Ukrainian Stock Exchange(UE).
The prospects for the development of the Ukrainian stock market.



Module 3. What trader should know and understand to trade on the stock market (theoretical skills of the trader's preparing).

The basic theory of the investments. Some information about the risk management. The basic of financial mathematic.
The main (famous world) strategies to invest on the stock market. The strategies using the derivatives (options and futures).
The basic of the fundamental analysis.
The basic of the technical analysis.
The trader’s psychology and behavioral finance.
Portfolio management theory.
Myths and Realities of the stock market.



Module 4. From theory to practice of the trading in the stock market (with practical skills)

The main features the on-line trading. The trader’s workplace. Trading platforms. Software for traders in Excel.
How to choose a broker’s company and how to open an account.
The main types of the legal agreements if need to trade on the UE.
Practical skills to work on trading platforms using in the UE. The main types of the offers. Demonstration of the futures and the "spot" market trading in in the Ukrainian Stock Exchange. Special “trader’s” terminology.
The main conclusions.



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