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"If you don’t exist on the Internet do you exist at all?"

According to data of different analytical agencies the quantity of Internet users in the nearest time overcomes (If it hasn’t overcome yet) 2,5 (3?) billion people.

However unlike other means of communication used by mankind throughout all history, Internet is not only auditory but also a tribune.

Not claiming to monopoly on the truth we just want to use opportunities provided by this global tribune and auditory.

This site is for public information exchange in our globalized world. The topics on this site are limited with some parts (divisions) connected to the personality of this site author and other circumstances.
«One cannot embrace the unembraceable» - said Kozma Prutkov. Nevertheless these parts (divisions) are vast enough and their quantity may be enlarged, we invite all visitors to communication.

The main direction of the application of our efforts (despite the importance of everyone else) should be recognized, perhaps, "educational direction ("Teaching"). We can note the short course "The ABC of the Stock Market and on-line trading" and the related section of the site "Financial Club".

And we should note how important the following sections of the site:
"R & D" and
"International cooperation"

Random picture:

We gratefully examine all of your comments and even criticisms. We will be glad to cooperate.

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The ABC of the Stock Market and on-line trading

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